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Fertan  Fertan

FERTAN is a patented rust solution, which leaves a blackened surface on treated metal. Residue from use is neither acidic or a film of converted rust. All metal corrosion is simply converted to a detached inert dust. It uncovers clean metal and leaves a protective coating, which keeps the metal safe from further corrosion. FERTAN has a dual effect: First it dissolves rust then it combines with the underlying surface. On the surface, it forms an insoluble ferro-tannic layer.

FERTAN may be applied either to light surface rust or deep established rust, as well as clean bare metal as a preventative layer.

It is an aqueous solution, which allows it to penetrate even into joints and under paint chips and cracks. It can be applied to wet or damp surfaces. It is harmless to plastic, rubber, chrome and painted surfaces. FERTAN only becomes active when in contact with iron or rust. It can be washed off of any other surface simply using water. It is non-flammable, and not harmful to your health, either through physical contact or inhalation. FERTAN provides long-term protection when a final outer treatment or coating is applied over it. It can be applied outdoors in any weather conditions except in the presence of frost.